Orthotics, unlike typical shoe inserts, are prescribed by a podiatrist to help provide your feet with cushion and support. They can also aid in correcting specific musculoskeletal and joint misalignment conditions. Conditions such as diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, arthritis and flat feet can benefit from the use of orthotics and orthotics can diminish pain associated with these ailments. Similarly, custom ankle / foot braces are made to support weakened tendons or joints around the ankles and rear foot.

The purpose of a custom orthotic is for it to match your specific needs, based on your diagnoses,foot and body type, activities, etc. All this information from your exam and history goes into the prescription and instructions sent along with the mold/image of your foot shape to the fabricating lab to create an orthotic device customized to you. Orthotics can come in many different shapes and sizes and can be made from different types of materials. Some orthotics may be rigid, while others are soft. Rigid orthotics are made to help support and ease foot aches and strains. They are made from harder materials like plastic or carbon fiber. Soft orthotics serve to take the pressure off of uncomfortable areas of the feet, such as sores or foot ulcers. This type of orthotic is typically made from soft, compressible materials.

Custom orthotics and braces are made to fit your feet and should fit your shoes comfortably. If you feel like the orthotic isn’t fitted properly, it’s extremely important you let our office know right away so that we can assist in getting you as comfortable as possible.

In order to ensure your orthotic is doing its job, it’s recommended that you keep a healthy line of communication with our office and visit at the requested schedule. Doing this will keep track of gradual improvement and will allow you to discuss any possible adjustments needed. If you think custom orthotics may be a treatment option for you, we recommend you meet with Dr. Horowitz for a proper diagnosis and to discuss how to improve your foot health.

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